News |Nikon releases impressive new D500 image series

Nikon releases impressive new D500 image series

Nikon D500 - Tom Miles

Nikon has announced a new series of images the company has commissioned to demonstrate the full potential of the Nikon D500 for photographing high-impact action.

The series is photographed by sports and fitness photographer Tom Miles, you can check out his work here. He’s teamed up with Tom Duquesnoy, who is Europe’s number one featherweight mixed Martial Arts (MMA) artist.

The pair have created a stunning set of images that capture the split second of impact with dramatic effect.

The images are all shot using the Nikon D500 and have been designed to show the cameras high processing speed and quality of image even when shooting with High ISO’s.

Tom’s impressive series has been captured using shutter speeds of up to 1/250 of a second and makes full use of the camera’s ability to capture 10fps for up to 200 shots in JPEG and 200 shots in 14-bit uncompressed RAW for ultimate quality.

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Check out the behind the scenes video


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