News |Nikon NX Tether Ver. 2.0.0 launched with free upgrade for existing userss

Nikon NX Tether Ver. 2.0.0 launched with free upgrade for existing users

Free upgrade includes new features for Nikon camera tethering, bolstering studio workflows.

Nikon NX tether

Nikon has unveiled Nikon NX Tether Ver. 2.0.0, a significant update to its tethering software, and the company is offering it to existing users at no extra cost. This release marks a substantial leap forward in functionality for photographers utilising Nikon cameras in a tethered shooting setup.

The updated software brings several features formerly exclusive to Camera Control Pro 2, including a comprehensive range of camera settings adjustments, live view display during remote shooting, and video recording capabilities. This enhancement is set to revolutionise the workflow for studio photographers, facilitating real-time image review on larger screens while shooting.

A key advantage of Ver. 2.0.0 is the expanded array of remotely adjustable camera settings. This allows photographers to adapt to diverse shooting scenarios, whether capturing stills or videos, ensuring high-quality results.

The software’s user interface has been thoughtfully designed for ease of use. It features a customizable layout, enabling photographers to tailor the live view and control displays to their specific requirements. This multi-functional yet straightforward design promotes an intuitive, efficient shooting process.

Primary Features:

  1. Comprehensive Support: Now includes still-image and video recording functions, previously available only through Camera Control Pro 2.
  2. Enhanced Live View: Adds versatility and convenience for remote tethered shooting via a computer.
  3. Nikon-specific Controls: Offers unique Nikon camera operation functions, such as Picture Control and Active D-Lighting.
  4. Flexible Image Formats: Users can select between JPEG, RAW, or HEIF formats. When using dual card slots, there’s an option to transfer only JPEG or HEIF images to the computer.
  5. Wireless Capability: Enables wireless control by connecting the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi with Nikon’s Wireless Transmitter Utility software.
  6. Efficient Workflow: Seamless switch between still-image and video shooting, supported by a user-friendly interface.
  7. Customizable Layout: The application window can be arranged to suit the user’s preferences, enhancing flexibility in various shooting situations.

Compatibility and Supported Cameras:

The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, macOS Sonoma 14, macOS Ventura 13, and macOS Monterey 12. It supports a range of Nikon cameras, including Digital-SLR models like the D6 and D780, and Mirrorless Cameras such as Z 9, Z 8, Z 7II, Z 6II, Z 7, and Z 6.

For more information and to download Nikon Tether Ver. 2.0.0, visit Nikon’s official website.

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