Nikon launches SnapBridge 2.0 in ‘complete overhaul’ of app

Nikon launches SnapBridge 2.0 in ‘complete overhaul’ of app

Nikon has launched SnapBridge Version 2.0, which it says is a ‘complete overhaul’ of the app that makes it simpler to set up and use.

Along with what Nikon says is a much simpler pairing process thanks to step-by-step instructions, SnapBridge has also been updated with a power-saving mode, more stable connections and transfer of images, and Nikon says images now display faster.

Nikon says SnapBridge 2.0 also comes equipped with new progress displays to provide visual confirmation of your transfers and pairing processes. The menu and home screen have also been redesigned.

New remote photography settings include choosing your exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture value, exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity, white balance, provided your Nikon camera has WiFi.

Nikon says the revamped SnapBridge app also be set to automatically update your images to Nikon Image Space.

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