Nikon’s new new adapter to digitize your old film negatives with the Nikon D850 will be delayed until mid-March 2018.

Nikon Japan announced on its website that the ES-2 film digitizing adapter will be delayed. No reason was stated for the delay, and Nikon said it will release its Strip Film Holder FH-4 and Slide Mount Holder FH-5 in March 2018 as well.

The Nikon ES-2 is compatible only with the Nikon D850 and allows users to convert their 35mm negatives and slides into 45.7-megapixel digital files.

As Nikon says, ‘the camera’s digitizing function automatically reverses colors and stores them as JPEG images.’

Nikon also has the ES-1 film scanner which you can use with other Nikon cameras.

Via Nikon Rumors

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