Report: Nikon developing new mirrorless camera at ‘rapid pace’, announcement soon

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Nikon is reportedly developing its new mirrorless camera at a ‘rapid pace’ in a bid to release the camera during the current fiscal year, according to reports.

The claim – one of many such that we’ve heard over the past year – comes from the Japanese website SankeiBiz in a wider article it published surveying the camera industry.

Regarding Nikon’s new mirrorless camera – presumably the full-frame mirrorless camera that has been the subject of much chatter since Photokina 2016 – SankeBiz states that Nikon is rapidly developing the camera so that it can be released before Nikon’s current fiscal year ends in March 2019.

The article even suggests that the Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera could be announced ‘at a large-scale overseas exhibition,’ which would presumably be Photokina 2018 or possible CES 2019.

A reader over at Nikon Rumors provided a translation of the key paragraph:

And of course Nikon, who is very strong with dSLRs, is also advancing development of a mirrorless camera at a rapid pace. Nikon intends to begin sales (of their new mirrorless camera) at some point during the current (fiscal) year, it has been revealed. There are also whispers, according to someone connected to the industry, that “surely Nikon will unveil their camera to the public at a major overseas trade show.”

Of course, we’ve heard similar reports as this before, with some predicting the Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera would be announced back in February of this year. Even Sony thinks an announcement is coming soon.

As always, we’ll be the first to bring you the news once an official announcement is made.