News |Nikon developing camera equipped with satellite navigation system

Nikon developing camera equipped with satellite navigation system

Nikon designs a new sensor

Nikon has registered a new camera with multiple government agencies that will be equipped with a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), according new filings.

In addition to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the new Nikon camera registered as N2014 will boast a satellite navigation system that provides autonomous geo-spatial positioning with global coverage.

The Nikon camera’s GNSS will have access to multiple satellites for precise accuracy, and reliability – in other words, if one satellite system fails, other GNSS receivers will pick it up.

GNSS and access to multiple satellites is also an improvement over GPS in case one line of sight is obstructed.

No other details of the Nikon N2014 camera are known. However, given that it’s been registered with multiple governments and we know the flagship Nikon Z9 is coming this year, this could be a strong hint.

Via Nikon Rumors


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