Nikon D7200, D5500 officially discontinued

Nikon D5500

Nikon has officially discontinued its D7200 and D5500 mid-range DSLRs, according to the company’s official website.

Nikon Japan has updated the page on its website listing its discontinued products to include the enthusiast D7200 and D5500 DSLR cameras, which were both launched back in 2015.

Some stock for both cameras remains at select retailers, but it should start going fast.

Nikon, of course, unveiled its full-frame Z range of mirrorless cameras at the end of the summer, coinciding with the quiet demise of its original mirrorless line, the CX-format Nikon 1 range.

Nikon has yet to announce what it’s next APS-C-format camera will be; however, we might get an idea as soon as CES in January or by the spring.

Via Nikon Rumors