Nikon announces RAW Video for Z 7 and Z 6

Shoot RAW 12 bit video with Nikon and Ninja


Today Nikon has revealed that the Z 7 and Z 6 will both be able to output RAW Video with the installation of the latest firmware 2.20.

This feature is a first for mirrorless cameras and will enable the cameras to output RAW video through an HDMI connected device.

That 12bit stream will be fully compatible with the popular Atomos Ninja V external recorder.

This stream is also captured as ProRes RAW which preserves colour accuracy and extends the brightness and shadow detail.

Video shooters using this fresh update will be able to experience an step-up in quality. It will also really make Sony Alpha users wonder if Sony will ever do anything to update their quickly lagging behind system.

If you’re unsure of how to update the firmware 2.20 yourself then the firmware can be installed by Nikon Service centres for a £179 fee. That seems steep and we’ll bring you an update on how to do this yourself soon.

To get started here are the links to the firmware, direct from Nikon.

Download firmware 2.20 for your Z 7 here

Download firmware 2.20 for your Z 6 here

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