Nikkei: Canon and Nikon to launch full-frame mirrorless cameras in late 2018

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Both Canon and Nikon will launch full-frame mirrorless cameras in the second half of 2018, according to a column published by Nikkei.

The article in the respected Japanese business and economic publication goes on to say that Nikon and Canon has originally planned to launch their full-frame mirrorless cameras in 2019, but brought the release dates forward due to overwhelming customer demand and new advancements in mirrorless technology.

The article also states that with SLR shipments decreasing 10% on the year and mirrorless growing by 30%, Canon and Nikon realised the time is now.

The author of the opinion piece goes on to state that consumer demand from women and young people, as well as seeing Sony set up a mirrorless maintenance service for its pro users at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics helped push Canon and Nikon to accept the ‘cannibalization’ of the SLR.

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Via Nikon Rumors