News |New Panasonic videos show off GH5 IS, DFD AF prowess

New Panasonic videos show off GH5 IS, DFD AF prowess

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Panasonic has released new videos that demonstrate the performance of some of the Lumix GH5’s key features: its Image Stabilisation and DFD autofocus system.

Presented by Panasonic General Manager Tsutomu Mori, one video demonstrates the power of the GH5 5-Axis Dual IS 2 system to keep subjects stable when zoomed in at long focal lengths.

In the video, the GH5 is on a vibrating platform to replicate the effects of camera shake. Mori then enables the IS which you can see dramatically stabilises the scene.

In the second video, Mori shows how the GH5’s DFD system can predict the direction and distance of a model train while it’s in motion.

Via 43Rumors


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