News |New NUT-R GoPro mount fixes directly to your bike’s wheel axle nut

New NUT-R GoPro mount fixes directly to your bike’s wheel axle nut

NUT-R GoPro Mount

The NUT-R GoPro mount provides a completely new way of attaching your camera to your bike. The mount itself shows that a good idea can be born out of pure simplicity.

The NUT-R GoPro mount has been designed as a direct replacement for the quick release axle nut, so fitting simply requires the quick removal of the old nut and then the NUT-R takes it’s place. As it’s designed as a nut the quick release ability of the axle remains.

As you’d expect for any wheel axle nut, the construction is full metal and made from Stainless Steel for strength and durability.

And the NUT-R GoPro mount weighs in at just 70g for those who are weight conscious. It’s design means that it can be used on either the front or rear wheel.

Once in place its position on the outer centre of the wheel gives and interesting new perspective and the NUT-R’s 56mm length should give just enough distance from the bike wheel.

As ever when it comes to filming with GoPro, a variety of positions and perspectives inevitably makes for more interesting video once edited, and the NUT-R GoPro mountgive you yet another mounting option from the heart of the action.

The NUT-R has been designed for use with the GoPro Hero series, Garmin Virb, Shimano CM1000 along with plenty more.

To see the new perspective the team have created a range of sample videos.

The NUT-R GoPro mount is available now and can be purchased directly through the NUT-R website at

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