K&F Concepts has announced a new range of nine lens adapters that allow you to mount a selection of new and classic lenses to the Fuji GFX 50S mirrorless medium format camera.

Among the new K&F Concept adapters are:

KF-EFG: Canon EF – Fujifilm G
KF-CYG: Yashica/Contax – – Fujifilm G
KF-LRG: Leica R – Fujifilm G
KF-OMG: Olympus OM – Fujifilm G
KF-NFG: Nikon F – Fujifilm G
KF-SRG: Minolta MD-MC/SR – Fujifilm G
KF-PKG: Pentax K – Fujifilm G
KF-42G: M42 – Fujifilm G

It’s worth noting, though, that none of these new adapters offer electronic communication with the GFX 50S.

Their design is matte black and brass on both sides. Each K&F Concepts costs about $90.

The K&F Concepts website doesn’t actually list the adapters, but you can find more info here at Shoten Kobo.

Via DPReview

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