News |New ELLIE SHORT brings greater L-Bracket compatibility

New ELLIE SHORT brings greater L-Bracket compatibility

Eliie Short

An L-Bracket is an absolute essential camera accessory enabling you to maintain the focal plane and a level horizon when switching from landscape to portrait on a tripod. The only issue is that with so many designs, shapes and sizes of camera, one size does not fit all.

Earlier in the year, we saw the fantastic 3 Legged Thing L-Bracket known as Ellie. This seemingly simple design gave far greater flexibility over the way the L-Bracket could be configured with a modular design.

The base and upright are designed so that firstly the length of the L-Bracket can be adjusted to fit as snuggly as possible around the body of the camera.

Then, the vertical which features a small cut out section for cables could be mounted in one of four ways further extending compatibility.

However, despite the versatility of the bracket, there were still cameras that we’re not a 100% fit.

Now, 3LT has launched three new L-brackets that offer better access to battery doors and other ports and fixtures on smaller bodied cameras as well as an option for full compatibility with the Peak Design Capture v3.

The new Ellie family are known as the ELLIE SHORT, ELLIE PD and ELLIE PD SHORT.


This ELLIE features a shorter base and enables better access to battery hatches on small DSLR’s and Mirrorless cameras. As with the original ELLIE the modular design enables you to adjust the vertical plate to suit your camera and the ports you use.


This update on the design now features fully compatible Peak Design Capture v3 compatibility. So if you own one of the Peak Design Capture v3 systems then this new L-Bracket is a natural accessory.

Each of the new ELLIE’s is available in Orange or Grey.

The new Ellie is joined by the BASE 70 and 85. These can both be used as standalone baseplate or as an upgrade to the original Ellie base.

The new bases are both made from aerospace-grade anodised magnesium alloy and feature a steel 1.4-inch camera screw and rubber base pads. Of course they’re available in either the orange or grey.

All versions of ELLIE and BASE are now available to pre-order with participating retailers, or at

SRP are as follows: ELLIE SHORT – £61.99 / $64.99 ELLIE PD – £72.99 / $79.99 ELLIE PD SHORT £69.99 / $74.99 BASE 70 – £31.99 / $34.99 BASE 85 – £34.99 / $39.99 BASE 70 PD – £39.99 / $44.99 BASE 85 PD – £44.99 / $49.99.

New ELLIE SHORT brings greater L-Bracket compatibility
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New ELLIE SHORT brings greater L-Bracket compatibility
New ELLIE SHORT brings greater L-Bracket compatibility for smaller cameras. 3LT today are also introducing two new base plates the BASE 70 and 85.
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Camera Jabber
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