News |New Case Air system lets you wirelessly tether your camera to any portable devices

New Case Air system lets you wirelessly tether your camera to any portable device

New Case Air system lets you wirelessly tether your camera to any portable device

TetherTools has announced the new Case Air wireless tethering system which connects and transfers images from your camera to a phone, tablet or computer.

As well as tethering your camera, the Case Air system allows you to control advanced camera settings such focus points, exposure, bracketing, time-lapse, HDR and more.

You can then view your images on a larger screen to check their focus and composition, or use Live View or movie mode for real-time capture to share as you make it.

Images can also be downloaded to your mobile device for editing and sharing via the Case Remote App, which is available for Android or iOS, and turns your phone or device into a remote controller that works in tandem with the Case Air Wireless Tethering System.

The Case Remote App can also use Live View, displaying a full screen preview image and includes a pinch-to-zoom feature to check focus after capture.

The Case Air system weighs just 50g and measures 67mm x 40mm x 14mm. It mounts your camera using the integrated hot shoe mount or by using the included lanyard.

The Case Air expected battery life is approximately 6 to 9 hours and can also be powered using a USB battery pack.

The Case Air doesn’t require an internet connection; instead, the device can plug into your camera’s USB port and the Case Air creates a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows for a wireless connection to your tablet, smartphone or PC.

Once connected you can then use live view, check focus peaking, RGB histogram, grid, control video, bracketing, HDR, time-lapse shooting and focus-stacking.


  • Connects to phone, tablet or computer
  • Wireless range of 150 feet (45m)
  • Connects via ad-hoc or wireless network (No internet connection required)
  • Compose images with Live View and tap to focus
  • Control creative zones such as aperture, shutter, ISO
  • Pinch-to-Zoom to check critical focus
  • Bracketing, bulb timer, focus stacking and HDR
  • Advanced time-lapse shooting
  • Capture video, control settings and monitor
  • Share images and video socially directly from app
  • Built-in mounting options for hot shoe or secure with lanyard
  • Size: 2.64” (67.25mm) x 1.6” (40.11mm) x 0.55” (13.99mm)


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