News |New paid Canon firmware for EOS R enables stop-motion photography

New paid Canon firmware for EOS R enables stop-motion photography

Canon EOS R Review

Canon has announced a new paid firmware update for the EOS R that better enables stop-motion photography.

The new Canon EOS R firmware needs to be installed at one of Canon’s official service centres and adds a slew of new feature to help stop-motion animators.

Chief among these new features is increased resolution in live preview when the EOS R is tethered to a computer. The new firmware boosts this resolution to 1920 x 1280 pixels, up from 960 x 640.

Canon has also added manual focus peaking over USB; however, Canon says that the firmware means that focus peaking will not be available in some scenarios, such as:

  • When an EF-S lens is used
  • When [Multiple exposure] is set
  • When [Cropping/aspect ratio] is set to an option other than [FULL]
  • When the shooting screen is magnified
  • When you keep holding down the shutter button after shooting

What’s more, the update will also disable the HDMI output and display performance options.

Via DPReview


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