News |Native 4K AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera lands

Native 4K AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera lands

AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera

It looks like summer is on the way with the release of the AKASO V50 Pro. This new camera features native 4K video capture at an impressive 30fps along with with touch screen, electronic image stabilisation and big 20mp stills capture.

I’ve recently looked at the EK7000 Pro and have been impressed with the small cameras abilities as well as the inclusion of one of the best 2-inch IPS touch screens for the price on the market.

The V50 Pro is a heavier weight camera packed with additional features over the EK7000 Pro including wind noise reduction, slow and fast motion.

Aesthetically it looks like AKASO have had the designers in, this is one sleek looking model, although still contained in the old style waterproof housing.

Again hitting the entry level the V50 pro will be priced at £119.99/$119.99, it looks like an excellent deal for a camera that packs in this resolution and framerate.

Electronic Image stabilisation is a prominent feature of 2018/2019, and here the V50 Pro features a 6-axis gyroscope. According to AKASO, it’s able to detect changes in position and motion to smooth out footage from knocks and vibrations in use. That means it should be ready to stabilise footage whatever the activity.

Vlogging with these small action cameras seems to be taking over from the extreme sports angle, and along with EIS, AKASO has packed in a few additional features that make this camera stand out as one to watch.

Firstly the camera’s using the H.265 Video Codec which means that it can crunch down the video file size while maintaining quality. This also means faster upload speed for your videos when connected to a mobile network through your smartphone.

Audio is a big issue with action cameras, and if you’re going to be vlogging, then you need to know that both the video and audio is as good as it can get.

Here AKASO has designed the V50 with the ability to plug in external mics, definitely the right decision.

One issue that vloggers have traditionally had with action cameras is the distortion created by the small lenses that capture the world in a stunning fish-eye perspective while this perspective of the world may capture all the action if your vlogging the fish-bowl look isn’t the most flattering.

The V50 enables several different viewing angles so you can select one that makes you look the best or at least a little less fish likea and complimentary. The camera also features LDC (lens distortion correction) which also helps remove the distorted look that action cameras are well known for.

Another feature to get excited about the big 2-inch touch screen. This is likely to be the same IPS panel that features on the EK7000 Pro. That screen was as good as touchscreens get and I can’t see them selecting anything less for this model.

The 30m waterproof housing for the V50 Pro looks OK, but at present, the images supplied show little of its design other than it has a flat lens which is good.

The camera also features a diving mode which can be activated if you’re using the camera underwater and helps to compensate for the lack of red light. Again without a bit more detail about the case, I can’t see if this can be activated if your underwater with the touch screen.

As ever there’s a compatible app and here we see iSmart Pro+. I’ve seen iSmart on a few cameras, and it generally does the job.

If it stays true to other cameras that use the iSmart App, then the V50 will be able to post footage and stills you’ve shot from the camera to your social media. But, it won’t enable you to live stream or anything too fancy on that front.

AKASO has highlighted a selection of built-in filters, at first, I was expecting a few Instagram style effects that could be dialled into the camera. It appears that this may be the additional modes such as Burst photos, time-lapse photos/videos and slow/fast motion video.

Ensuring that the V50 stays operational for as long as possible. There are two rechargeable 1100mAh batteries in the box along with chargers and a remote-control wristband.

As ever there’s a selection of mounts are included in the box

The AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K action camera is available now for £119.99 from Amazon UK

The AKASO V50 Pro Native 4K action camera is available now for $119.99 from

Native 4K AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera lands
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Native 4K AKASO V50 Pro Action Camera lands
Featuring native 4K video capture at 30 fps and large 2-inch touch screen the Akaso V50 Pro action camera looks set as an exciting option for 2019.
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