News |NASA spends $340,000 on 53 Nikon D5 cameras

NASA spends $340,000 on 53 Nikon D5 cameras

Nikon D5

NASA has spent a third of a million dollars ordering 53 Nikon D5 DSLR cameras to use on the International Space Station and in its training facilities.

The American space agency has a history of using Nikon cameras, ordering 38 Nikon D4 cameras in 2013 and an additional 10 just last year. The two organisations have worked together since 1971.

The Nikon D5 DSLRs NASA just ordered will have no modifications and will be the same versions offered to consumers.

Nikon says that NASA plans to use the D5 cameras to record its intra- and extra-vehicular activities on the ISS, as well as at astronaut training facilities on Earth.

Nikon has also published this timelapse of its cameras’ activities with NASA which you can view below:

Via Nikon Rumors


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