News |NanGuang launches Shooting Tables, light stand aimed at still life photographers

NanGuang launches Shooting Tables, light stand aimed at still life photographers

NanGuang Shooting Tables aimed at still life photographers

Kenro has announced a new range of NanGuang Shooting Tables aimed at still life photographers and videographers, as well as a new lighting floor stand.

The NanGuang CNT1017 Tabletop Shooting Table is priced £109.98 including VAT and measures 61 x 70 x 54cm with a translucent Perspex top.

It stands 18cm high on its frame with a total height of 54cm, and is also available as part of a 3-head kit (CNT1017/3K) which is priced £799.98 including VAT.

Along with the shooting table, the kit includes two NanGuang CN20FC Fresnel focusing lighting heads, one NanGuang CN8F Fresnel focusing lighting head and three clamps and brackets.

The CN20FC light heads offer a lighting angle of 15-55 degrees with 20W LED power and 3200-5600 stepless colour temperature and brightness controls.

The CN8F light head boasts a light angle of 10-65 degrees with 8W power, stepless dimmer control and 5600K colour temperature. It also comes with a set of barn doors and a CT conversion filter to 3200K.

Kenro says the lights can be powered by mains, or by Sony, Panasonic or AA batteries.

In use, the light heads can be clamped to the front and back of the NanGuang Shooting Table, or you can use the table as a plain background for shadowless lighting with an overhead softbox.

For photographers with larger still life projects in mind, Kenro has also announced a new – bigger – NanGuang Freestanding Shooting Table CNT1018 which measures 62cm wide and 85cm deep.

The Freestanding Shooting Table – priced £229.98 – stands 66cm off the floor and gives you a total height of 112cm.

NanGuang has also introduced a new lighting floor stand suitable to mount a wide range of lights with 15mm male spigot.

The NanGuang floor stand, priced £74.94, consists of three arms that can be locked into your desired position or shape, and it’s suitable for use with larger NanGuang lights or with other similar manufacturers’ lighting heads.

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5 years ago

Wow they do get pricey, but I’ve not actually seen anything like this, they are a really good idea.