NanGuang rebrands as NanLite, releases Forza series monolights

NanGuang rebrands as NanLite, releases Forza series monolights

NanGuang has announced it is rebranding itself as NanLite and has launched a new Forza series of monolights.

NanLiteā€™s new Forza series of monolights is comprised of three lights, each of which features one COB LED.

The Forza 500 is the most powerful light in the series. The 500W light can produce a dazzling 66300 Lux at 1m. Its compact design measures 31cm on its longest side, and weighs 2.6kg.

The Forza 60 and Forza 300 round out the series. The Forza 60 draws 60W of power, is less than 20cm long, weighs 800g and produces up to 11950 Lux at 1m. The mid-range Forza 300 draws 300W of power, measures 31cm long, weighs 2.3kg and produces up to 43060 Lux at 1m.

All three lights are battery powered, with the Forza 60 using Sony NP-F type batteries, while the Forza 300 and 500 each use Sony V-mount style batteries.

Other features include CRI (Ra) 98 and TLCI 95, with a colour temperature of 5600K. Also on board is stepless dimming and built-in special effects. The light can also be controlled via 2.4G wireless signal or DMX.

Price information for the NanLite Forza series will be released at a later date.