News |NanGuang launches two LED ring lights

NanGuang launches two LED ring lights

NanGuang launches two LED ring lights

NanGuang has announced two new LED ring lights to its range of photo and video lighting, the NanGuang CNR480C and CNR640, price tag £227.94 and £263.94 respectively.

NanGuang’s CNR480C is an LED ring light that promises soft, even continuous lighting for portraits and still life photography.

The ring light comes with a smartphone clamp and a mirror that mounts in the centre.

The CNR480C’s external head diameter measures 45.6cm and its internal diameter 30.5cm, and features stepless brightness and colour temperature control 3200-5600K, and has a 48W maximum power output.

Other features include: cooling air vents, 480 LEDs with an average life of 50,000 hours, and 100-240V AC power adapter.

As well as fashion, macro and still life photography, Kenro, distributors of the NanGuang CNR480C LED ring light say it can also be used for one-to-one video interviews.

The NanGuang CNR480C price tag will be £227.94 including VAT.

What’s more, for £23.94 the company has also launched an optional camera mount bracket for the CNR480C LED ring light, which allows you to securely mount your camera in the centre of the ring light on a light stand.

Once mounted, the height and the position of the camera can be adjusted and secured to suit your needs.

The new NanGuang CNR640 LED ring light is a bit larger than its siblings, offering a 59cm diameter light head and 49cm internal aperture. It also boasts 640 LEDs, giving 38.4W of illumination.

The colour temperature is a fixed daylight 5600K and the light is supplied with an additional fabric diffuser for extra soft illumination. There’s also a flexi-arm for connection to other photo equipment.

A stepless dimmer control is included as well as a 100-240V AC power adapter. Average LED life is 50,000 hours.

The NanGuang CNR640 LED price tag is £263.94 including VAT. Find more details at Kenro’s website.


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