News |NanGuang launches new range of Mixpad LED lights

NanGuang launches new range of Mixpad LED lights

NanGuang launches new range of Mixpad LED lights

NanGuang has introduced a new range of LED Mixpad lights, along with a new kit version of the Luxpad22.

Designed for both photographers and videographers, the new Mixpad range comprises three models. The NanGuang Mixpad 32, price tag £119.94, is the entry-level option in the range and boasts 328 LEDs in its 145x150mm panel providing up to 765 Lumens of power.

The mid-range Mixpad 41 is priced £149.94 and measures 170x163mm, offering 440 LEDs capable of delivering 841 LM of output.

Kenro, which distributes the new Mixpad LED range in the UK, says both the Mixpad 32 and Mixpad 41 feature a built-in cold shoe and are compact enough to be mounted directly on the camera to provide fill light.

The Mixpad 106, priced £329.94, is the top-of-the-range option and boasts 1444 LEDs that can provide brightness up to 2308 LM. Mixpad 106 measures 356x297mm and can serve as a standalone light or as part of a full studio lighting set up, Kenro says.

Brightness is adjustable from 0-100% on all three Mixpad lights, and colour temperature can be steplessly set between 5600-3200K via controls on the back of the units. All three units in the range also offer a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 95.

Kenro has also announced the NanGuang Luxpad22 kit, which is a 175x120mm 112 LED panel designed to sit on-camera. The new kit includes a Sony NP-F550 type battery and charger and is priced £99.96.


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