NanGuang launches new compact LED light panels for studio photography

NanGuang launches new compact LED light panels for studio photography

Chinese manufacturer NanGuang has released a new range of compact studio light panels, as well as a wall arm and background support kit, its UK distributor, Kenro, has announced.

NanGuang’s new Combo 40C light is a flat panel light that incorporates a built-in soft diffuser in its design.

The NanGuang Combo 40C also features 0-100% dimming control and stepless colour temperature adjustments from 5600-3200K.

Measuring 230 x 400 x 60mm, the NanGuang Combo 40C’s thin design incorporates 400 LEDs which produce 40W of power and 2115 LM at 5600K, and the average LED life is 50,000 hours, Kenro says.

The NanGuang Combo 40C price tag is £179.94 including VAT.

Released at the same time is NanGuang’s new Wall Arm, which it says can support most manufacturers’ light heads going up to 5kg in weight.

The Wall Arm is fixed to the wall with 4 (included) screws and folds out for use, and then pushes back flat against the wall. Kenro says the NanGuang Wall Arm can also achieve a full range of lateral horizontal and vertical movement.

It features a 2-section, extendable arm (93-180cm) and a reversible lighting spigot and 1/4in tripod screw. The NanGuang Wall Arm price tag is £99.96 including VAT.

NanGuang has also released a Background Support Kit (NGJ02881) that it says can easily be dismantled and taken to location shoots.

Comprising two tripod-style support stands and three locking cross bars of 100cm each, it can be used with either full or half-length rolls of background paper (or any other type of background material that requires a simple pole support).

The Support Kit’s maximum width is 300cm, while the height can be adjusted up to 286cm. It’s price tag is £77.94 including VAT.

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