NanGuang has introduced the new Flexible LED Light Panel Kit (CNST288CX2) – price tag £679.98 – which can be bent and shaped around a subject to create dramatic lighting effects.

Distributed by Kenro, NanGuang’s new Flexible LED Light Panel Kit (CNST288CX2) includes a set of two 30 x 60cm LED bendable light panels which can also attach to a choice of two frames – a square one measuring 60 x 60cm and a rectangular frame measuring 30 x 120cm.

Each frame also offers a matching fabric diffusor for softer lighting.

Each of the panels is 2mm thick, water and frost resistant, and contains 288 bi-colour LEDs (CRI 95) with stepless colour adjustment from 3200-5600K.

When used off the frames, the panels can be bent and shaped as desired, Kenro says.

NanGuang’s Flexible lighting system is powered by a 240V AC mains or Sony V-mount and NP-F batteries.

Per panel, power is 28.2 Watts, with stepless dimmer adjustment, illumination 3424 LM. Average LED life is 50,000 hours.

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