News |NanGuang introduces new budget portable lighting

NanGuang introduces new budget portable lighting


Lighting firm NanGuang has added to its range of ‘budget’ constant lights, stands and other accessories, distributor Kenro has announced.

The NanGuang Portable LED Light (NGCN5400PRO) features 30W heads which employ LEDs and can either be used handheld or on a lighting stand. It is supplied as a kit with case, filter and diffusers, and it also features a splicing system so that a number of heads can be locked and used together. It runs on battery or mains power, and costs £197.94.

 The larger NanGuang LED Studio Light (NGCN900CSA) can also be AC mains or battery operated, and offers 54W of power at 4900 LM illumination (stepless dimmer adjustment). Designed for use on a lighting stand, the kit includes a carry case complete with barn doors, blue filter for CT adjustment to 7500K and additional soft diffuser. The NGCN900CSA price tag is £395.94.

 For filming in confined spaces the NanGuang Portable Photo Light (NGCNT80C) is supplied with a table-top tripod that also doubles up as a hand grip. A hotshoe adapter is also included for on-camera use, and it can be powered either by 8 AA batteries, a Sony F550 Lithium battery or a car cigarette lighter socket. Illumination is either 5600K 486 LM or 3600K 470 LM. The NGCNT80C price tag is £149.94.

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New lighting panels include the NanGuang LED Luxpad 22 (NGLUXPAD22), which can be mounted to your camera hotshoe and measures 175x120mm (32mm deep). It boasts 112 LEDs for a softer, diffused light at stepless colour temperatures of 3200 – 5600K. It also provides 11 Watts of stepless dimmer power adjustment up to 619 LM illumination. It can be powered by either six AA batteries, a Sony NP-FM, NP-f or Panasonic CGR-D batteries (not included). The Luxpad 22 costs £45.54.

For use on location, its larger cousin, the NanGuang LED Luxpad 43 (NGLUXPAD43) can be powered either by mains electricity, or by battery like the Luxpad 22. It also has stepless colour temperature (3200-5600K) and stepless dimmable power output up to 25.6 Watts. 256 LEDs provide 1412 LM of illumination. Dimensions: 350x240x32mm. The Luxpad 43 price tag is £155.94.

Finally, NanGuang has introduced new LED Portable Photo Lighting Cases that promise shadowless illumination. Available in two sizes, the cases include six coloured backgrounds. Three built-in LED lighting panels can be individually steplessly dimmed to create the best effect, giving depth to your images. Both models have a colour temperature 5600K and are 240V AC mains powered.

The NGT4730 model is medium sized, measuring 47x47x53cm when set up and folds down to 9cm deep, with a weight of 8kg. It has a power output of 20 Watts and the maximum width of the object being photographed is 30cm. The NGT4730 costs £149.94 inc VAT.

The larger NGT6240 measures 62x62x67cm and is also 9cm deep when folded. Power output is 30 Watts and the maximum width of the object being photographed is 40cm. It is slightly heavier at 12.5kg. The NGT6240 costs £199.98 inc VAT.  


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