News |NanGuang debuts 3 new Fresnel lights

NanGuang debuts 3 new Fresnel lights

NanGuang debuts 3 new Fresnel lights

NanGuang has launched three new LED continuous lights, the CN60F, CN100F and CN200F, to extend its Fresnel lighting range, according to Kenro, the company’s UK distributor.

The NanGuang CN60F LED Focusing Fresnel Spotlight offers 60W more power than its siblings the CN20FC and CN30F models in the NanGuang Fresnel range. NanGuang says the CN60F offers silent operation and says cool thanks to a passive air flow system.

The CN60F offers an angle from 55 degrees to 12 degrees, and the beam can be dimmed from 0-100% via knobs on the unit.

The head also features a built-in 2.4G receiver, which allows the beam angle and power to be controlled via an app or wireless controller. This is not currently available, but Kenro says it is coming soon.

Power is 12-18V DC via the included 100-240V main transformer, and the unit offers illumination of 4497LM and colour temperature of 5600K, which is adjustable with an included set of filters.

Its head weight is 2.5kg and the full kit is 6kg.

The NanGuang CN60F price tag is £527.94 for a kit that includes a padded carry case, CN60F head, barn doors, light stand mount bracket, Fresnel lens, filters (3200K, 4000K and 4800K) and power adapter.

For those who need more power, the NanGuang CN100F and CN200F provide 100W and 200W power output respectively, and have the added feature of being able to be controlled via a DMX lighting desk.

The NanGuang CN100F – price tag £995.94 – features a variable Fresnel lens with a beam of 10-65 degrees and offers an illumination level of 8448 LM. Head weight is 3.85kg and the full kit weighs 7.5kg.

The NanGuang CN200F’s Fresnel lens – price tag £1,620 – focuses between 12 and 35 degrees and offers an illumination level of 11923 LM. Its head weight is 7kg and the full kit is 17kg.

What is Fresnel lighting?

Fresnel lighting is more directional light and is often preferred in studios and on location where light strength and direction is more important than the heavily diffused lighting given off by flat panel lights.

While not ‘spot’ lights – as they don’t have a clear lens – Fresnel lighting is directional and typically used for top and back lighting, as it offers a wider angle of light than spotlights.


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