News |MPB: Now is a good time to sell your old entry-level gear

MPB: Now is a good time to sell your old entry-level gear

Lots of people are investing in their first DSLR or mirrorless camera


MPB is the worlds largest platform for buying and selling second-hand camera gear. We spoke to the company’s CEO, Matt Barker, to find out what products are currently attracting most interest and to find out a bit more about the business.

Interestingly, Matt said that the majority of interest at the moment is in second-hand entry-level kit, be that DSLRs, mirrorless cameras or lenses.

While large telephoto lenses aren’t flying out of the door, more affordable telephoto optics are proving popular, perhaps as people try photographing the wildlife in their gardens for the first time.

That means if you’re an enthusiast photographer, it could be a good time to release a little cash, or trade-up, by selling your older entry-level kit.

You can hear the full conversation in the video below.


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