Sponsored: MPB announces the 2020 Photo and Video Kit Hall of Fame Inductees

Nikon, Fujifilm, GoPro and Hasselblad make up inaugural class


MPB,  the world’s largest resale platform for digital photography and filmmaking kit, today announced the five inductees to the Photo and Video Kit Hall of Fame inaugural Class of 2020. MPB established the Photo and Video Kit Hall of Fame to honour the best photo and video equipment of the digital era. 

The 2020 Inductees are:

• Classic category: Nikon D700. 
• Game Changer category: GoPro HERO
• Road Tested category: Nikon D810
• Trendsetter category: Fujifilm X100F
• Iconic category: Hasselblad 500CM

The inductees were chosen by photographers, filmmakers and creatives from 157 countries who cast a total of 40,985 votes during the six-week voting period. Twenty-five nominees across the five categories appeared on the ballot, which was selected by the camera experts at MPB. 

“I’m thrilled by the response,” says Matt Barker, CEO and founder of MPB. “We launched the Photo and Video Kit Hall of Fame to give creative people around the world an exciting way to engage in their passion and a chance to help make photo history. The votes are testament to how much people love their camera gear.”

MPB will present awards to the manufacturers of the 2020 inductees, and the gear will be enshrined in displays later this year at MPB offices in Brighton, Brooklyn, and Berlin. The life and legacy of the 2020 inductees will be celebrated on the MPB website and on social media.  

About the Inductees

Nikon D700
The Classic inductee is renowned for its incredible image quality, build quality and character.

GoPro HERO sports camera
The Game Changer inductee revolutionised point-of-view filming for sports and otherwise impossible-to-capture activities.

Nikon D810
A near-perfect all-rounder, the Road Tested inductee brought high resolution to a familiar package, with reliable ISO performance.

Fujifilm X100F
Beautiful and portable, the Trendsetter inductee is the retro camera everyone wishes they had in their kitbag right alongside their pro body.

Hasselblad 500CM
The Iconic inductee features an iconic shape from an iconic manufacturer and has helped create much of the world’s finest work.

About MPB

MPB is the world’s largest resale platform for digital photography and filmmaking kit. With more than 160,000 cameras, lenses and accessories traded each year, MPB offers unrivalled access to camera gear, providing the freedom and flexibility that photographers and filmmakers need to pursue their passions and accelerate their careers.

MPB makes buying, selling, and trading kit convenient and trustworthy through an end-to-end technology platform, rigorous testing and validation by product experts, and top-notch customer service. Since launching in 2011, more than 250,000 creatives in Europe and the United States have trusted MPB for their kit needs.

MPB is making creative industries more sustainable and driving the circular economy by inspiring photographers and filmmakers to choose used.

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