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Wex Photographic is exploring what photography means to people and the power it can have to affect people’s lives in its latest campaign #MoreThanAnImage. The campaign, launched this month, features three inspiring photographers, each with their own unique stories to tell around their craft.

Their moving experiences cover a wide range of topical issues including conflict, mental health, terminal illness and recovery.

Speaking about inspiration behind the campaign, Wex Photographic’s content manager, Jon Devo said: “Like bait or “insta photography” dominates the social landscape, and while it most definitely has its place, we wanted to go a step further and really get into the nuts and bolts of how image creation can impact people’s lives.”

Photography can have a transformative power, shaping the lives of people in front and behind the camera. Wex’s #MoreThanAnImage campaign is a call to action for people to share their experiences.

“We hope these stories help to add to the conversation around the importance of photography and image creation as a whole. And if that inspires people to pick up their cameras with a new, reinvigorated focus, job done,” Jon added.


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