News |Monogram introduces a new Keyboard and Multipad for Photographers and Videographerss

Monogram introduces a new Keyboard and Multipad for Photographers and Videographers

The Future of Creative Efficiency in Photography and Editing - Transforming Workflows with Innovative Design

Monogram Keyboard

Monogram has announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Monogram Keyboard and Multipad, designed to revolutionize the creative process for photographers and video editors.

The Monogram Keyboard is not just any keyboard. It integrates a premium mechanical keyboard with customizable controls, enabling creatives to work more efficiently than ever. With its built-in operating system, Monogram OS6, the keyboard offers thousands of commands and macros, adaptable to various creative software.

What sets the Monogram Keyboard apart is its ability to provide granular control over digital work, especially in applications like Adobe Lightroom and Capture One by Phase One. The operating system smartly switches functions based on the application in use, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Monogram Keyboard

The keyboard boasts 13 Action Keys and a Control Dial, offering direct access to essential functions in applications like Adobe Photoshop. This feature significantly reduces the need for repetitive keyboard or mouse actions, boosting productivity.

For photographers, the Control Dial is a game-changer, allowing precise adjustments in exposure or saturation. It also serves as a jog wheel for video and music editing, compatible with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live.

A notable addition is the OLED Mini Displays, providing real-time tool information. This intuitive feature eliminates the need to memorize keystrokes, allowing users to focus more on creativity.

The Monogram Keyboard is encased in a CNC-machined aluminum chassis and features Gateron Brown mechanical key switches, known for their quiet, tactile response. It’s a blend of robust build quality and tactile pleasure.

Complementing the keyboard is the Monogram Multipad. This modular device can function as a traditional numpad or as an additional control device with 20 programmable keys. It can operate independently or connect to the keyboard, sharing a single USB-C connection.

Monogram Keyboard

Launching on Kickstarter, both devices are available for pre-order with special early bird pricing. Expected to ship in November 2024, they promise to be a staple in the toolkit of modern creators.

Monogram’s commitment to transforming creative workflows is evident in these latest offerings, combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric design. As creatives continue to seek ways to enhance productivity, the Monogram Keyboard and Multipad emerge as pivotal tools in the evolution of digital creativity.

For more information and to support their Kickstarter campaign, visit Monogram’s Kickstarter page.

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