News |Mission Workshop launches weatherproof Integer Camera Packs

Mission Workshop launches weatherproof Integer Camera Pack

Mission Workshop launches weatherproof Integer Camera Pack

Mission Workshop has launched the Integer Camera Pack, a new roll-top camera bag designed to carry heaps of gear in a weatherproof, minimalist design.

The Integer boasts two main compartments: one for your cameras, laptop and other lenses and accessories, and an upper roll-top compartment where you can pack clothing, food and other essentials.

The Integer’s front and side panels provide direct access to the camera department, and there’s also a dedicated zipper-lock laptop compartment and a fold-out tripod holder.

The bag is made from a water-resistant Nylon textile and has two layers of waterproof construction, as well as weather-resistant zippers.

Mission Workshop says the Integer can hold a variety of DSLR or mirrorless bodies with additional lenses and accessories.

As well as the quick-access points for your main gear, there are also external pockets for chargers, phones, keys, memory cards and more.

The Mission Workshop Integer bag is priced at $485. In the video below you can see a photographer packing it with gear before a shoot.

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