A new app called Mendr promises to find experienced photo editors to help fix your problem images.

The app works in a similar way to Uber in that it effectively outsources your photo editing needs to a pool of experienced image editors who have signed on to help.

To use Mendr you simply download the app from Play or iTunes, then select the image you want to edit. Write a short description of what needs fixing, and then submit it to Mendr.

The app will then put your request out to its community and photo editors will then pick up the job. You can also submit an image and ask the editors to suggest the changes if you’re unsure what specifically needs doing.

For the photo editors on the other end, you can set your own hours and choose which available jobs you want. Editors are paid via PayPal and, like eBay, can build a profile with feedback the more jobs they take on.

Via Digital Trends