Maxing out on height and how to stabilise your tripod

Maxing out on height and how to stabilise your tripod

A tripod is designed to provide you with a solid shooting base for your camera. But, while most tripods are designed for stability, when you hit the rough ground or need to max out on height, that stability can suffer.

While you may think that a little wobble can be ignored, in reality, even the smallest movement will affect the quality and sharpness of your shots.

All tripod manufacturers know that in ideal conditions their tripods will provide the firm base you require. But, not all go that extra mile to pack in features and options that will ensure stability whatever the environment or terrain.

Here Jeff takes a look at the 3 Legged Thing tripods and a few of the features and techniques that you can employ to ensure that stable shooting platform.

First and foremost, the interchangeable feet that can be swapped to suit the terrain. From using Stilettoz on grassland to Clawz on the beach and standard rubber Bootz on hard surfaces, the 3LT Footz collection has it covered.

Creating a stable base by choosing the right foot will make a massive difference to your support. However, using your tripod at its maximum height can be a real challenge for stability.

In the video, Jeff shows how adding weight to the centre column, in the form of a kit bag, can make a real difference. He also looks at the 3LT Albert and how the design breaks from the norm to provide a rigid compact travel option that gives you full height support.

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