News |Matterport Pro3: price, specs, release date revealed

Matterport Pro3: price, specs, release date revealed


The Matterport Pro3 is not your ordinary camera, there are no obvious exposure settings, buttons or dials on the body, and everything is controlled through App. Not only does the futurist design look architectural, but it also gives more than a passing hint to the intended audience.

The Matterport Pro3 is a digital twin camera; essentially, what that means is that the camera captures a digital twin of the real world. The depth of the digital twin created goes far further than a simple flat panoramic image; between the image and distance data captured by the camera, a 3D model or mesh is created and then textured with the captured images.

The more images you take from different perspectives, the more accurate the digital twin becomes. This technique and process have obvious benefits to architects, real estate and archaeologists, but the use and function of the Matterport Pro3 can go further.

The accuracy of the data is such that a 3D model can be quickly created and used as a printable model on a 3D printer, or that mesh can be pulled into a 3D application such as Maya and utilised within a film.

The most common use is, of course, to be used as a VR environment, take the images, process the data, pop on some VR goggles and take a virtual walk around the location without leaving your living room, architect’s office or estate agent.

The technology inside the Matterport Pro3’s simple-looking body is mind-blowing. The large lens on the front captures the scene before it, then the odd-shaped mirror at the centre of the device fronts a LiDAR sensor, essentially a laser measuring device that sends out beams of light and measures the time it takes for the beams to reflect the camera. This being laser, a complete room can be scanned in seconds.

Matterport has aimed the Matterport Pro3 at the non-photographers, so combing AI and an easy-to-understand workflow are at the camera’s heart.

Checking out the Matterport website, there are already some impressive examples of the imagery that this camera can capture, including a few that we’ve shot ourselves here at

For more information on the Matterport Pro3, check out our review or head to the Matterport Pro3 website to see some examples.

Matterport Pro3 key features

Best Price / Performance
High quality depth information at a fraction of the cost Speed Up Capture
Scan up to 4X faster in large spaces and outdoor
Up to 100M range for data collection & documentation
Complete Scan
Capture indoor & outdoor in full sun
High Accuracy±20mm @10m range

Matterport Pro3 price and release date

The Matterport Pro3 is released for orders today with the Matterport Pro3 retailing for £4,995/$5,995 and the Matterport Pro3 Acceleration kit retailing for  £6,595/$7,995.


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