News |Matterport launches Pro2 Lite budget 3D cameras

Matterport launches Pro2 Lite budget 3D camera


Matterport has announced the Pro2 Lite, price tag £2,195, the company’s most affordable 3D camera to date which is aimed at business users who have a smaller need for 3D imaging.

Like the Pro2, the Matterport Pro2 Lite incorporates the company’s True3D technology which allows users to capture fully immersive walkthroughs of properties.

At a price of £2,195 / $2,500, the Matterport Pro2 Lite is roughly half the cost of the senior Pro2, and the main difference is down to battery life.

Matterport says a Pro2 Lite user can scan up to 8,000 sq ft of space on four hours of battery life. The Pro2 affords about eight hours of use.

Matterport says the Pro2 Lite is aimed at those businesses that might not have the need for the volume of immersive images the Pro2 can capture, but still require some – so the Pro2 Lite offers a more affordable option.

The other difference is in size. The Matterport Pro2 lite weighs 3.1kg, while the Pro2 is slightly bigger at 3.5kg.

Apart from these two features – and of course the price – the Matterport Pro2 Lite and Pro2 are identical in specifications.

Other features of both include high-resolution 2D photography and Matterport’s 3D Dollhouse perspective, which the company says ‘conveys an immediate understanding of scale and property layout’.

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