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Marumi launch magnetic filter range

Marumi magnetic filter range

One of the great joys of landscape photography is the search for the perfect location. Then once you’re there it’s all about the wait for the light. When location and light come together you can be assured of a stunning shot.

But as we all know the light is fickle and can change quickly, so what if you’ve placed a 0.6ND grad in the holder and needed to swap for a 0.3, or even want a straight ND.

It’s then a case of routing through your filters and selecting the one you need and slotting it in. OK, it doesn’t take much time but it can be fiddly, especially when the time is limited.

The latest range of Marumi filters aims to cut down the amount of time it takes to slot in an out a filter. It does this by making the filter and holder magnetic.

Just select the filter you want and using the quick attach magnets attach it. There’s no slotting in or out, it’s quick easy and fuss-free.

Removal is equally easy and will save you those few precious seconds as the light changes.

The new ultra slim M100 Magnetic filter holder enables up to three filters to be stacked enabling you to tailor the density perfectly for your needs.

The filter system is supplied with a series of thread sizes including 72, 77 and 82, and if you have a different sized filter thread, then stepper rings can be used.

The Magnetic filter is on sale for £125.94.

At present there are nine 100mm filters to choose from:

  • ND filter, from ND4 (0.6) up to ND32000 (4.5), each with an SRP of £179.94.
  • Three classifications of soft graduated ND, hard graduated ND and reverse graduated ND filters. Available in ND4, ND8 and ND16, these filters are all 100x150mm with an SRP of £199.98.
  • Circular polarising filter available (MAM100CPL, SRP £114.96), which screws into the centre of the magnetic mount.

Full details are available on the Kenro website.

Marumi launch magnetic filter range
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Marumi launch magnetic filter range
Marumi magnetic filter range offers a fast alternative to the more traditional slot filter systems and enables you to swap filters in seconds
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