Manfrotto updates NX, Street Bag collections

Manfrotto updates NX, Street Bag collections

Manfrotto has added five new models to its NX and Street Bag collections, including the budget Street Pouch and a combination Sling/Waist Pack.

At the budget end, Manfrotto has introduced the Street Pouch, priced £19.95, which boasts a roll-top and holds a mirrorless camera plus two additional lenses, or an entry-level DSLR with a lens attached.

A combination Sling/Waist pack, priced £59.95, is designed to hold a high-end mirrorless camera or entry-level DSLR with an attached zoom lens and two additional lenses. Manfrotto says it can also hold a DJI Mavic Pro drone plus its remote control and accessories.

A new Street Strap is priced just £9.95 and is Manfrotto’s most lightweight option, designed to carry a mirrorless camera.

Manfrotto is also adding an NX CSC backpack, which can hold a premium mirrorless camera with standard zoom attached and up to three additional lenses, or an entry-level DSLR with up to two additional lenses.

Priced £59.95, the NX CSC backpack features a removable insert that safeguards cameras and foldable drones. The camera insert comes out so you can convert the bag into a practical day pack. There is also a dedicated space to store personal belongings at the top of the pack.

Finally, the NX CSC Messenger, priced £39.95, holds a mirrorless camera with standard lens attached, plus two additional lenses.

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