The first Nitrotech video head from Manfrotto looked amazing and had features and function that matched. Now two new heads have been announced, featuring continuous counterbalance.

This feature that helps to balance the head whatever the tilt angle enables you to produce smooth natural cinematic movement easily.

Fluid motion from both the 608 and 612 is made possible by the unique Nitrogen piston mechanism. This enables them to support loads up to 17.6lb/8kg (608) and from 8.8lb/4kg up to 26.4 lb/12kg (612).

The 608 and 612 advances on the technology and features of the original Nitrotech 600 series by adding new fluid technology, Manfrotto hasn’t released further details of this as yet but we’ll let you know more once we find out. 

The 608 and 612 also feature a redesigned CBS knob that holds and operates a wide range of video camera models.

The variable continuous fluidity function on both axis, pan and tilt, allows smooth, judder-free movement and feature panoramic FDS with a new rubber cover for enhanced grip.

A 3/8” Easy Link features on the heads so external monitors, mics, light or other kit can be easily fitted.

Each of the new video heads features a side-lock sliding plate mechanism to secure the camera.

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Manfrotto release Nitrotech 608 and 612 next gen video heads
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Manfrotto release Nitrotech 608 and 612 next gen video heads
Video head technology takes another leap forward with the latest Manfrotto Nitrotech 608 and 612 next gen video heads, enabling free easy and fluid motion
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