Manfrotto, National Geographic debut Australia Collection bags

Manfrotto, National Geographic launch Australia Collection bags

Manfrotto and National Geographic have teamed up to launch a new range of camera bags called the National Geographic Australia Collection, priced from £59.90.

Inspired by the textures and colours of the Australian Outback, The National Geographic Australia Collection consists of five bags: two messenger bags (Small, £92.90; Medium, £129.90), a backpack (£159.90), a three-way camera bag (£154.90) and a belly bag (£59.90).

The National Geographic Australia Collection are blue and ochre-coloured and are made of fabric and leather, with adjustable, internal cushioned dividers.

The interior fabric of the collection’s camera bags features a eucalyptus-leaf print evocative of Australia’s forest canopies.

For more details, visit Manfrotto UK’s website.

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