News |Manfrotto launch drone ready Aviator bags

Manfrotto launch drone ready Aviator bags

Manfrotto Aviator

Drones continue to be big news, and as the technology advances and feature sets get bigger the actual size of the drones seems to be steadily decreasing. The reduction in size and increase in features simply means that these small tech devices are increasingly attractive to all types of photographer.

Now Manfrotto has released two new dedicated drone ready bags specially designed for the new smaller generation of drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.

Manfrotto Aviator Hover-25 backpack

The first of the two new releases is the Aviator Hover-25 backpack. Designed for Pro photographers who need to carry both the drone and other photographic equipment.

It features a dedicated pocket for the DJI OSMO as well as the Mavic Pro so ensuring that you have everything that you need to film from both the ground and air. There’s also plenty of space for other accessories and you can even squeeze in a compact mirrorless if you feel the need. Of course there’s space for your iPad in a dedicated protected section as well.

Ensuring that everything stays protected the bag is made from highly-resistant, breathable materials which will appeal to all those adventurous outdoor types.

The Aviator isn’t just a bag converted for drones, it’s been specially designed to ensure that some of the more delicate aspects of both the DJI Mavic and OSMO are well protected. The Manfrotto protection system helps to ensure that control sticks and moving parts such as the gimbal are kept steady and safe.

Manfrotto Aviator M1 Sling

Sling bags have become a big hit with stills photographers and now Manfrotto have adapted the design for drones. The Aviator M1 sling has been designed as a sling, waist pack or pouch that will comfortably carry your DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.

Again designed for those who like the outdoor lifestyle the materials are weather-resistant and the bag features a special DuoFace cover to protect the kit from harsh weather. To keep the delicate movable parts and gimbals protected the sling also features Manfrotto’s protection system.

The M1 includes special theft-prevention zip sliders and concealed pockets that help to keep all precious items safe whilst you’re out on your adventures.

The new Aviator bags are available from £59.95. For more information, please visit the Manfrotto website.


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