News |Manfrotto announces next generation Lykos 2.0 LED

Manfrotto announces next generation Lykos 2.0 LED

Manfrotto announces next generation Lykos 2.0 LED

LED lighting has quickly developed into the mainstream for both stills and video, and now Manfrotto launches two new Lykos models. The Lykos 2.0 Daylight and Lykos 2.0 Bicolor.

Each has been designed with surface-mounted LED technology with built-in lens to deliver natural lighting. Ensuring longevity, even in the often unpredictable British weather, Manfrotto has added water resistance helping protect the lamps against a light shower or two.

Power as with much pro video equipment will come through a Sony L-Type or Canon LP-E6 battery, of which there are two slots on the back.

Each can also be powered by a standard AC power cable which can be bought separately.

One of the big features is the Lykos App, which is available for both iOS and Android. This will enable users to fully control the lamps remotely.
Manfrotto announces next generation Lykos 2.0 LED

Manfrotto Lykos 2.0 Daylight

As a single colour temperature lamp, the Lykos 2.0 Daylight is set at 5600K which is ideal for cooling skin tones and being used for in-studio still life set-ups.

Videographers will find the 1600lux at 1m ideal for illuminating interviewees and being used for other headshot work.

Manfrotto Lykos 2.0 Bicolor

Working under one balanced lighting source is rare and the Lykos 2.0 Bicolor features whiter, warmer LEDs, perfectly designed for giving skin extra warmth. This Bicolor has been designed for outdoor interviews, fashion or street style images and video footage.

The Bicolor has an illumination power of 1500Lux at 1m, again making it a great solution for interviews, vlogs and other headshot work where you’re unsure of other environmental lighting.

Lykos 2.0 LED accessories

Each of the new lamps will come with a hot-shoe mount and this can be used to connect together up to four LED to create a full LED system.

Each of the lights can be controlled using the Lykos App to adjust brightness and in the case of the Bicolor, temperature.

These hot-shoe mounts can also be used to attach microphones or other accessories.

All control over the LEDs can be made through either the Lykos App or directly using the LED control panel on the back of the device.

Using direct lighting is rare so to soften the effect of the LEDs a selection of gel filters are included. The Lykos 2.0 lamps are fully compatible with the Manfrotto Softbox light diffusers.

The Manfrotto Lykos 2.0 lamps will be available towards the end of Q2, we’ll let you know as soon as we can confirm the release date and price.

For now, more information can be found at

Manfrotto announces next generation Lykos 2.0 LED
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Manfrotto announces next generation Lykos 2.0 LED
LED lighting is now the standard for video. Now Manfrotto launch the next generation Lykos 2.0 Daylight and Lykos 2.0 Bicolor.
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