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Manfrotto Announce Top Lock Travel Adaptor

Manfrotto Top Lock Travel Adaptor

Like the rest of us, Manfrotto is getting ready for the summer with the release of the Top Lock Travel Quick Release Adaptor.

Designed for use with the Befree travel tripod range, the Top Lock Travel Quick Release Adaptor features an Arca Swiss adaptor. This is the first time this type of plate design has been released for the Manfrotto Befree range and is fully compatible with the 494, 496 and 498 ball heads.

The release of the head meets the demands of today’s photographers who are regularly using Arca type accessories and L-brackets.

While Manfrotto already produces Arca type plates this plate enables the legs of the BeFree tripods to perfectly fit around the head when folded. In turn, this helps to keep the legs neat and tidy keeping the low profile lines that are synonymous with the range.

On the plate itself there’s a two-axis bubble level to help with framing and getting straight horizons.

Safety with any release plate mechanism is essential and here the large side knob helps to lock the plate securely in place and features a maximum opening stop for added security.

Swapping out the old RC2 plate for the new adapter is easy, just unscrew by the top bolt using the supplied Allen key and bolt in the new adapter and you’re done.

One big feature is that once the new plate is in place the old 200PL-Pro plate can still be used alongside all your Arca accessory plates with no need to by an addition Arca Style plate.

The Manfrotto Top Lock Travel Adapter will have an RRP £34.95. For more information please visit

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