News |Manfrotto 360 Virtual Reality aims to make shooting 360 easy

Manfrotto 360 Virtual Reality aims to make shooting 360 easy

Manfrotto VR

VR is the latest exciting and developing area of photography. Camera technology has leaped forward with the developments of the latest cameras producing far better image quality, resolution and most importantly ease of use.

Gone are the days of stitching together multiple images in dedicated software packages as the likes of the Nikon KeyMission 360 and 360Fly both capture and process the image or video ready for you to view instantly.

One of the major issues that many VR photographers and filmakers still have is avoiding capturing a tripod leg or themselves in shot.

To help tackle the issue Manfrotto has launched a new Virtual Reality range of supports that have been specially developed to make it easier to shoot 360 imagery.

The full details of the range haven’t yet been announced but from the images we can see a range of stubby tripods with long centre columns, these look to be labeled bases and booms. When we get one in for test it will be good to see exactly how this seeming modular approach will work and of course how effective they are in use.

As well as the new wave of 360 VR supports the range will also extend to panoramic style heads for more traditional SLR / CSC 360 capture, again we don’t have the full details as to wether this is an all new head or one from the existing range.

What we do know at present is that the new range will feature bases, accessories and extension booms, we’ll bring you a full list of what to expect as more information appears, but for now.

The Manfrotto VR bases will provide photographers with a stable platform that will enable them to raise the cameras height a few meters from the ground.

No details of height’s has yet been released but there will be several models and as my test of the Gitzo Mic Boom earlier in the year proved you can capture some great footage with that extra bit of height.

The Manfrotto VR accessories range – here we have no other details just that it will be a range of innovative accessories that will be compatible with the rest of the range.

No surprise if we find the new PIXOPANO360 finding it’s way in here.

Manfrotto’s VR boom extensions will be there to help maximise camera height. These look to be an easy addition to any of the new bases quite literally extending the centre column for height.

How Manfrotto have tackled stability issues will be something interesting to see.

Finally the Manfrotto 360º VR range will be available in a variety of kits.

The Manfrotto 360° VR range starts from RRP £29.95 to £634.95

You can find out more details at


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