News |MagMod kits look set to revolutionise speedlight modifierss

MagMod kits look set to revolutionise speedlight modifiers

MagMod Portrait Starter Kit

MagMod is one of KickStarter’s big photographic successes. First launched in 2013, the initial campaign was set to launch the innovative light modifier system and MagMod Kits to the market. It quickly turned out that market was full of photographers wanting the product.

The campaign goal was quickly met and the products followed with the MagGrip, MagGel, and MagGrid to kick off the system. It’s not usual for photographers to get very excited over new products but the MagMod  really got the photographic world fired-up because of the quick and easy way the different modifiers can be attached and removed with the use of magnets.

This means less time messing around with velcro straps and connectors and more time taking pictures with the lighting you really want.

MagMod kits Wedding Starter Kit

A few years on and the line-up has been steadily increasing and being refined with new products being added to the range further extending the usability of the system.

Over the last six months we’ve spoken to an increasing number of Pro photographers who swear by the quality of the MagMod Kits system including Gavin Hoey and Kate Hopewell-Smith who both regularly incorporate them in with their work.

The MagMod and the various modifiers are now available in a series of kits; from the basic MagMod Kit through to Portrait and Wedding Starter Kits. There’s a full list that you can checkout at the MagMod website and we’ll be bringing you a full review of the MagMod Kit system and selection of the modifiers soon.


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