News |MacPhun unveils Aurora HDR 2017

MacPhun unveils Aurora HDR 2017

MacPhun unveils Aurora HDR 2017

The software maker Macphun has introduced its latest version of its high dynamic range software, Aurora HDR 2017, with a slew of new features.

Aimed at ‘natural’ HDR images, among the new features in the popular high dynamic range photo editing software include:

New Luminosity Mask Controls
New Zone System controls for Luminosity Masks

New Tone­mapping Engine
Improved algorithms which Macphun says are quicker, reduce noise, and handle tone, contrast and details better, resulting in more realistic and natural­-looking images.

New Batch Processing
This is apparently the most requested feature of Aurora HDR. Batch Processing allows you to apply a set of effects to many images at one time. This tool automatically recognizes brackets, resizes and renames images, and more.

New Polarizing Filter
Aimed at landscape photographers, this new control offers colors more depth and cuts atmospheric haze for bluer skies.

New ways to work with Layers
New Blend Mode options for Layers and Textures include Darken, Color Burn and Lighten.

New Top & Bottom Adjustment Panel
The update to this tool offers new contrast, vibrance, and warmth sliders, and an extra level of selective control.

RAW Processing & DNG Support
Macphun says it’s offered speed improvements and support for handling the latest RAW and DNG files.

Macphun’s Aurora HDR software is priced $89 for new users or $69 for current owners of the photo editing software. Alternatively, current owners of Aurora HDR Pro can upgrade for just $49.


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