News |Luxli Unveils Timpani 1×1 RGBAW LED Light Panel Technologys

Luxli Unveils Timpani 1×1 RGBAW LED Light Panel Technology

Introducing Luxli Timpani²: The Next-Gen 1×1 RGBAW LED Light Panel Enhancing Professional Photographic Lighting

Luxli Timpani

Luxli, has announced the launch of the Timpani 1×1 RGBAW LED Light Panel, a highly accurate and versatile lighting solution for professionals. The Timpani is an evolution of its predecessor, offering significant improvements and updates, and is set to be a game-changer in the lighting industry.

Manufactured to Luxli’s stringent specifications in Norway, the Timpani comes with an individual photometric chart, showcasing its accuracy, consistency, and brightness. This RGBAW-LED light features a highly accurate and versatile LED panel that supports Bluetooth 5 and offers five different lighting modes, catering to various lighting needs. From color temperature adjustment ranging from 2800 to 10,000 K to nearly every hue of the visible spectrum, the Timpani² is designed for precision and flexibility.

The panel is known for its exceptional brightness, offering 6600 Lux at 3.3 feet, and its traditional CCT mode, alongside an RGB color wheel mode. Its 5.5″ touch LCD screen features professional color calibration and supports the Rec. 709 color gamut, ensuring excellent color rendition. Photographers and videographers can choose from 150 colored filters or 10 customizable animated effects, enhancing their creative potential.

An added High Frame Rate (HFR) mode in the Timpani eliminates banding and flicker issues when shooting at high frame rates, making it ideal for capturing slow-motion footage. The intuitive on-unit LCD interface allows for direct control, while the Composer mobile app unlocks more powerful features, such as group control, lighting animation effects, and mode sequencing.

The Timpani² is also equipped with HDMI & SDI dual interfaces, supporting 4K/30fps HDMI input and loopout, further extending its compatibility and flexibility for professional video production. With its variety of auxiliary functions, including 4x zoom, focus assist, and waveform display, the Timpani² increases shooting efficiency.

Luxli has ensured the Timpani is not just functional but also durable and portable. Weighing 9 pounds, it features a passive cooling system with redesigned heat sinks for quiet operation, making it suitable for shoots involving dialogue. It can run on both AC or DC power and is compatible with V-mount batteries, offering versatility for field or studio use. Additionally, the Timpani² is DMX 512 compatible, allowing for integration into multi-light setups.

For more information check out the Luxli website

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