Luminar 3 set for intelligent boost with Accent AI 2.0

Luminar 3 set for intellient boost with Accent AI 2.0

The next generation of photo enhancement software Luminar 3 is set for release soon, and with it comes Accent AI 2.0.

This filter which makes up part of the Luminar 3 toolset enables users to use the power of artificial intelligence to enhance their images automatically.

Accent AI already enables the fast correction of issues such as dealing with shadows, highlights, contrast and more.

We took a look at the original version back in 2017 and were impressed with results on a variety of different images.

While the filter is powerful over the two years since it was released a variety of issues, have been highlighted, such as not recognising faces or people, and now those tweaks have been added.

Accent AI 2.0 analyses photographs as with the previous version but can now pick out faces amongst many other objects.

Accent 2.0 can now deal with the entire RAW development process further advancing the use and feature set,.

Luminar 3 will be released soon; we’ll bring you a full review and updates soon. For now, check out