News |Lume Cube: the big little light that’s ready for action

Lume Cube: the big little light that’s ready for action

Lume Cube

Action camera’s might be small enough to take anywhere, but the small sensor packed within can often struggle with low light. Now the Lume Cube is here to provide a much needed powerful LED light, and it’s all packed into a body thats equal in it’s small size to the popular GoPro Hero5 action camera as well as any other camera that needs a spot more light.

Designed to work as either an external flash for stills photography or as a continuous lighting source for video. The bright LED’s can be adjusted from 0 to 1500 lumens, that’s more than enough for most close quater work and best of all the light is balanced at 6000k colour temperature.

Although small the light is capable of providing full power light for up to 20 minutes on a full charge or two hours at 50% brightness.

What makes the Lume Cube really stand out is the ability to pair directly with your iOS or Android mobile device. Once connected you can then control the flash, duration and brightness. You can even connect to multiple cubes.

At the base of the Lume Cube is a standard 1/4-inch thread so you can mount the light on any standard tripod or camera accessory.

Going back to the action camera aspect the Lume Cube is waterproof down to 100 meters.

The Lume Cube will be available in a series of kits including single, twin, quad and GoPro along with five accessory mounts for smart phone, hot shoe, GoPro and drone.


  • Lume Cube single pack £ 89.99 inc VAT
  • Twin Pack – £169.99 inc VAT
  • Quad pack – £329.99 inc VAT
  • Accessory mounts from £19.00 inc VAT

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