News |Loupedeck reveals upgraded features and a user interface

Loupedeck reveals upgraded features and a user interface

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Control interface Loupedeck has just released Software 5.0 for the Loupedeck CT and Live control boards. 

The new software offers an all-new graphic user interface (GUI) to help enhance the creative workflow for imaging professionals. The new software enhances software integration with popular applications, including a major upgrade for Capture One users. 

The updated visuals are the most apparent change with the software and user interface, but there’s plenty more going on in the background. Loupedeck has worked hard to streamline many of the CT and Live features enabling direct control over some functions without delving through detailed page views. 

The action panel has been moved, and the navigation panel removed for a far more streamlined look. Other changes to the interface and workflow include:

  • A redesigned general user interface with more intuitive control over the customisation process.
  • Easier navigation of assigned workspaces and pages, now changeable through the UI or on the device itself through a synced interface
  • New status notifications that inform users if an application is not connected or set up properly
  • Easier personal account linking to plugins that require authentication
  • Optimisations for all plugins

One of the big new features is the introduction of a Simplified Profile. This all-new profile style is available alongside the more familiar standard profiles. The Simplified Profile approach has been designed with live streaming in mind and enables users to quickly access tools and customise features for their choice of application. 

Loupedeck’s updated integration with Capture One for macOS enhances the workflow for photo editors, giving direct control over many image enhancements. 

Alongside the Capture One integration, the Adobe workflow has also been updated with the new software increases compatibility with the latest release of Lightroom Classix and Adobe Max. 

“Amid the exploding popularity of content creation, we are pleased to offer software 5.0, which helps creators of all levels take control of their favourite programs,” said Mikko Kesti, Founder and CEO of Loupedeck. “Entry-level users now have the ability to easily access powerful actions from one centralised location right out of the box, while features like easier navigation of assigned workspaces further enhance the editing and live streaming experience for more advanced users. With this major software release, Loupedeck has greatly shortened the path to creating professional content for all users.”

The Loupedeck Live ($269) and the Loupedeck CT ($549) are now available in the Loupedeck Online store and

Software update 5.0 is now available for download on the Loupedeck website.

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