Loupedeck Lightroom editing console now available, priced £325 / $299

Loupedeck Lightroom editing console now available for purchase

The Loupedeck – price tag £325 / $299 – a console featuring wheels and dials developed to speed up your Lightroom photo editing workflow, is now available for purchase following its successful crowdfunding campaign.

Developed by a team of Ex-Nokia product developers, Loupedeck looks like a DJ’s mixing desk and was design to control Adobe Lightroom.

The console is aimed at both beginners and enthusiast photographers and features a mix of wheels, dials and buttons, each of which is assigned to a specific editing function within Lightroom.

Loupedeck’s developers say its design speeds up your editing workflow and offers more precise control over your edits.

Loupedeck completed a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo just before Christmas 2016, and nearly achieved its goal on its first day.

The Loupedeck price tag is £325 / $299. Currently the Loupedeck is available for purchase from the company’s online store, and will begin shipping from 17 July. It will be available from wider outlets later in the year

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