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Lose your dongles with Linedock

Linedock MacBook Pro docking station

The first age of the laptop dock may have passed but now Linedock has arrived with a modern take. Designed for 13-inch MacBook Pro the Linedock aims to add power, storage and connectivity back to MacBook. 

Mirroring the design and style of the 13-inch MacBook the Linedock sits by your MacBook and connects through one USB-C port. Unlike the docks of the past, the Linedock has been designed to be used anywhere and packs in features that will appeal to imaging professionals. 

Primarily the Linedock once connected gives you access to an extensive range of connectors, these include 3 USB-C, although one will be taken connecting to your MacBook, 3 Qualcomm QuickCharge/USB 3 ports, HDMI, MiniDisplay Port and an SD-Card Reader.

The USB-C, HDMI 2 and MiniDisplay port will all support 4K video at 60Hz, ideal for video production. 

What really makes the Linedock unique is the inclusion of the internal power pack. This has been specifically designed to enable remote charging of the 13-inch mac. If you’re MacBook holds out on the power front then it can also be used to charge other devices such as your mobile phone, drone or portable games console.

Although the 13-inch MacBooks are great machines the price and compact size has meant that storage can be a real issue. The Linedock aims to address this with built-in storage. At launch, there will be three storage options 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

One of the big features I miss on the new MacBook range is the built-in SD Card reader which means I always carry around the Kingston Nucleum adapter. Here the LineDock features an SD card reader built in and enables ultra-fast download of images to that internal storage. 

Size and weight is always a consideration especially when you’re out working in the field and here the Linedock delivers at just 912g in weight with dimensions that pretty much match the MacBook Pro 13-inch; 30.41×0.9×21.24cm.

At present, the Linedock is only available for the MacBook Pro 13-inch, but there is a 15-inch version in development.




Lose your dongles with Linedock
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Lose your dongles with Linedock
Linedock MacBook Pro docking station is a new generation of laptop dock. It features built in storage, power and a host of ports.
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Camera Jabber
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